Forgot Password

Forgot Email Password

If you happen to forget your email password, you need to change the mail password at the web hosting control panel.
Your administrator may be the person that has the login to the hosting control panel. The person may be your colleague in charge of creating email accounts for your organisation, your boss, your IT vendor or the web designer.

Password Policy

It is always required to use a strong email password. An email password must contain a minimum of 10 characters with alphabet (combination of capital & small letters), numeric number and minimum one non-alphanumeric (symbol) combination.

Important Notice

As a reminder, alwas use strong email password and do not give away your password to any 3rd party such as phishing email.

* Don't give away your email password, mail administrator will NEVER ask for your password.
* Don't fall for phishing emails asking you to fill in your email password for whatever given reason.
* Always use strong email password to prevent 3rd party from easily guessing it.